Despite their breakup in October last year, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are still one of the couples that tabloid love to discuss as their fans still are still rooting for a second chance of their love.

Well, fans may rejoice for now as the lovebirds are reportedly back together with some sources claiming that they have gone past engagement and even tied the knot in a private ceremony. Those present in that special day are the couple's close relatives and friends who witnessed their exchange of vows in an intimate garden wedding in Malibu, reported GameNGuide.

The latest rumors, however, should still be taken with a grain of salt as neither of them confirmed it. What the sources know so far is that the La La Land actress announced that she is still deeply in love with the actor in an interview for Vogue's November issue.

"[He's] someone I still love very much," she answered during the show's '73 Questions' segment. She further added that 'Spiderman' is her favorite hero, a choice implicitly referring to Garfield, according to Yibada.

The 2014 interview revealed more mushy details of the actress' feeling towards her ex when she said that the Spiderman actor is 'an incredibly important' person for her and whom she learned a lot of things from.

A few days ago, it has been reported that Garfield and Stone were candidly strolling in London which heightened reconciliation reports. Then again, sources close to the couple said that the public display is nothing more than a gesture of friendship and the two have not really rekindled their romance.

It can be remembered that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone dated on and off for four years until last year when the couple split due to hectic schedules. The British actor's participation in the upcoming Martin Scorsese film, 'Silence' which lead him to focus and took him to "dark place for months, getting into his role' is also said to be a great contributor of the breakup.