It's the election cycle that never seemed to end, but we are finally in the 24-hour range to hopefully put the election for our new President behind us.

Ever since campaigning began to become either the Democratic or Republican nominee in 2015, this election cycle has been endless, with hardly even a single hour going by without something new being said, first about various Republican Contenders like Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, or Democratic Contender Bernie Sanders. Then, after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally won their respective nominations this year, the cycle became an endless number of stories, outlandish statements and so much drama that election fatigue is beyond a real thing.

Now, with voters heading to the polls tomorrow and this election hopefully and finally coming to an end by late tomorrow night after polls close, no matter if our next President will be Clinton or Trump, we can (hopefully) put the five following things to rest:

Endless Talk About Emails

Bernie Sanders said it best back in the early Democratic debates when he said that he, like everyone else, was sick and tired of hearing about Clinton's "damn emails."  Unfortunately, that statement back in October of 2015 was far from the end of that talk, with trump bringing it up multiple times over the course of the election, the FBI announcing it would reopen its investigation a mere nine days before the election and now announcing this weekend that they yet again found nothing warranting criminal charges against Clinton. Seriously, if she wins-enough is enough. If he wins, leave it alone and just drop it already. The American people don't even want to use their own emails anymore, and they really want to stop hearing about Hillary Clinton's as well.

Outlandish Statements From Donald Trump

If the Republican Nominee does win the Presidency, this one won't end for at least four more years, but hopefully if he wins he'll tone things down a bit. If he doesn't win, we should hopefully stop hearing from him for a while and go back to not being appalled every time he opens his mouth.

Talk About Donald Trump And Women

Of course, it still needs to be addressed that Donald Trump has definitely said inappropriate things about women, and some disgusting things as well over the years, and all of the allegations against him from women who claim he assaulted them, as well as the anonymous woman who was taking him to court on child rape charges in December (but has since dropped the suit), also need to be addressed. But if these things are addressed in any legal matter, it would be nice if they weren't becoming front page news anymore and were handled in a more dignified manner. And let's hope that the now infamous recording of his saying he could "grab women by the p***y" also finally stops being heard on repeat.

Facebook As a Political Platform

Once upon a time, social media was a fun place, and Facebook was just a place where you played some games, chatted with old friends, saw photos posted by people you probably haven't talked to in 10 years, and in some cases, stalked a love interest's page to find out info. But since this election? It's also become an endless platform of links to articles and memes, and non stop updates from literally everyone about who they support and why. It's gotten old-and it'll be nice to not see this stuff all over the place anymore.

Twitter Trending Topics About The Election

The same sentiment about social media as a political platform extends to Twitter. What happened to trending topics always being stuff we shook our heads at because it was all silly or fun, with occasional serious stuff thrown in over breaking news topics etc. But since election mania took over, all we've seen is an endless amount of ones dedicated to the candidates, things that they said, and what happened on the campaign trail. Seriously-we're sick of it.