'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Spoilers: Entire Plotline Reportedly Leaked

Are you a fan of spoilers? No? Then click the back button now, because this will possibly destroy your entire life. OK, maybe not your life, but it'll at least cause you to miss a few nights' sleep.

Ready? You sure? OK, keep scrolling, and make sure you're sitting down.

Deadspin reported a Reddit user that appears to have accurately foretold the entire plotline of the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. While the post itself was deleted, screencaps have been floating around the internet.

The single most important bit of information of note? Jon and Dany (who have already been spotted filming together in Dragonstone) will partner up and sleep together in the season finale as the Wall goes down. Deep breaths, everyone. Deep breaths.

How does the Wall come down, you ask? Oh, no big deal: one of Dany's dragons is killed then brought back to life by The Night King and he brings the whole thing down. RIP Dany's dragon. Also, RIP happiness.

In other news, Cersei will be told by a captured wraith that winter is here and there's a war coming to King's Landing, Sansa reunites with Arya and asks her to kill Littlefinger in cold blood and, oh, Gendry's back with arms of steel from all that rowing (totally kidding, maybe.)

Naturally, HBO is probably out for blood because of the leak, sort of like they were when several episodes leaked a couple of years back. While nothing is really confirmed (because why would it be?) that doesn't mean that at least some of those plot points aren't true. Besides, one thing has already been confirmed by The Watchers on the Wall (a very, very reliable fan site) and that's the wight being brought to Cersei and Dany's gang.

The summer can't arrive fast enough.

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