Muggles are filling this world with a population of more than seven billion now. It is uncertain whether or not some of them are wizards secretly. What is known that many of them really enjoy Harry Potter. 

It is said that if one speaks loud enough even the universe will hear them. Based on that logic, fans of Harry Potter have been asking Niantic for a "Harry Potter Go" ever since "Pokemon Go" was released. That much is expected from a game that is breaking various records left and right ever since it was released, as said by Nerd Reactor.

What is unexpected, is how much progress people are making for the game. An online petition was introduced for people to sign regarding "Harry Potter Go". It is linked by The Bit Bag and its total goal was 65000. As of right now its well over 60,000 signatures already and they are not slowing down. 

Although even if it was approved, it will take a whole lot of working from various departments to even make the production of the game possible, but it will be very worth it. 

Since the idea of a "Harry Potter Go" game is far-fetched even if it was possible, there are other things to look forward too. For instance the new "Fantastic Beasts" movie that is coming up this november. Along with the movie there will also be game available on smart phones. This should be exciting!

Unlike "Pokemon", where there are hundreds of pokemon to catch from, a "Harry Potter" game could perhaps focus on a series of quests and challenges. It could also incorporate the various beasts featured throughout the entire franchise.

Perhaps it could offer famous locations as various wizarding duel areas, or training facilities.  

The possibilities are honestly quite unlimited.