Aside from Mona Lisa's identity and who really killed Jon Benet Ramsey, one of the biggest mysteries this world has ever known is the identity of a certain Becky. The only thing we know about her? That she has good hair, and has ties to Jay-Z.

When Beyonce mentioned a Becky in the song "Sorry," gossip led to everyone from Rita Ora to Rachel Roy, to Jay Z protege Rihanna.

Now, it appears we finally have an answer. Becky with the good hair is actually none other than the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner.

Say what?

Beyonce's hairstylist Anthony Pazos revealed to Daily Mail that the lyrics were penned with Kris in mind.

Before you clutch your pearls at the shock that Jay and Mama Jenner had a romantic or sexual relationship, cool it: Anthony insists there's nothing romantic between the two.

Instead, it hints at business dealings between Jay and the momager. Queen Bey was apparently not a huge fan of the business relationship her husband shared with Kris.

So while there might have been cheating allegations in "Sorry" among the other songs in the album, Becky might have pretty innocent roots.