If there's one thing I learned while working in beauty, it's that people are willing to do basically anything to their faces, no matter how stupid. Remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? I do, and I still haven't recovered from all the photos of the challenge gone horribly wrong.

One challenge might be even more stupid (and yes, more dangerous) than Kylie's: the Elmer's Glue face mask.

See, I'm sure you loved peeling dried up glue from your fingers when you were in elementary school, but putting that stuff on your face? Yeah, no. Naturally, because nothing is sacred, some YouTubers are now insisting that when applied to your face, the glue pulls out your blackheads and, when mixed with charcoal, will eradicate toxins from your skin. It's also supposed to hurt like hell to peel off. Because, well, duh.

However, as with applying anything on your face that wasn't made to be applied on a face, you can develop an allergic reaction. It can also just not do much of anything, and you'll be left with glue-filled nightmares forever.

Dermatologist Christine Choi Kim tells Seventeen that the glue in the mask can also clog pores instead of clearing them out, leading to -- you guessed it -- blemishes.

I think I'm gonna stick to my nose strips.