Two most awaited smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8 are expected to release in 2017 and it seems that they share many common features. Samsung and iPhone are two big rivals when it comes to the smartphone market. They are putting their best efforts as iPhone 8 is Apple's 10th-anniversary release and Samsung has a bad experience with their last two releases.

The new concept of edge-to-edge display will be the trend in new smartphone devices. Apple and Samsung are also expected to work on this concept for their new releases. According to Indian EXPRESS, "Apple's iPhone 8, which is set to launch in 2017, could sport a bezel-free design, while the Galaxy S8 will have a Plus version with a bezel-less display and no home button in the front."

There are still no news or rumors that any company is adopting this new concept. So, it will be a unique feature that both the phones will have. Display of Apple iPhone 8 will be OLED and Apple is relying on Samsung to supply OLED screens.

As written in BGR, "Samsung Galaxy S8 will have features like Apple's release this year iPhone 7, 3D Touch support, dual-lens rear camera and a personal voice assistant. Samsung never had personal voice assistant before and they are going to introduce it in new release Galaxy S8."

Samsung acquired Viv to make personal voice assistant like 'Siri'. In Viv developer team, there's also some people who previously worked on Siri for Apple. Assistant will come with two voice, male and female just like 'Siri' and it will also support mobile payments by voice.

It is also said that Galaxy S8 will come with 256GB internal storage which is new for Samsung as till now they only released 32GB internal storage with microSD external storage support up to 256GB. iPhone 7 came this year with storage options of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

There are many similarities in both the devices so there will be a good competition between two tech giants Samsung and Apple.