President Obama Bans Smoking In Public Houses In The US! [VIDEO]

This wednesday, not just any level of government, the federal United States government banned all smoking in public.

The New York Times mentioned this in their article when they quoted from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. According to them, this will be in effect somewhere early next year. It is already starting to affect homes and it is mentioned that this will continue to grow and affect quite a many.

However, the government is being somewhat nice and they told all the public housing agencies they will have around 18 months to fully implement this rule in all of their housing areas. Statistics mention that there are over a million public houses in the United States currently and all of them will be affected.

However, other resources say that around 200,000 homes have already adopted this rule privately because the public demanded it. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why this was adopted nationally. The biggest impact on this will be in the state of New York because in NYC itself there are around 178,000 public houses and over 400,000 residences.

It is the largest public housing area in all of the United States. Statistically speaking this also means that there are bound to be more smokers in those houses since the numbers are high. This could create somewhat of a lag when it comes to implementing the policy. Thus having an 18 month time limit is a good plan.

NPR mentioned the basic reasoning as to why this is happening. According to scientific research, people smoking in public houses affects more people than just them. For instance, a public house is bound to have more than one resident in it in different rooms.

If only one of them smoke, the smoke in the house will circulate around the entire house and it will greatly affect everyone else. This not only ruins the health of the smoker themselves but it also affects the health of other people who are literally paying to get affected by smoke.

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