No More Home Button On Next iPad Pro?

If one has not noticed over the past few months, Apple has been very innovative recently. For instance, they released an iPhone without an earphone jack. Secondly, they are releasing a Macbook with an innovative keyboard display, and now they have stumbled upon the iPad pro.

It is almost confirmed that Apple will be releasing a new iPad version. The new version would be 10.9 and will be released somewhere around next year. However one cannot be sure when exactly. What is known however is that it could follow the same exact foot print as the current 9.7 inch model.

According to PC Magazine, Apple will be working on removing the home button on the iPad.

Now this idea has been discussed a few times before. Most of Apple's competitors offer a touch sensitive button compared to an actual push button. This could be very good for apple. It could very well add many new possibilities to the Pro.

For instance, a lack of a home buttone would certainly mean the screen size will be more full and definitely much larger. Secondly, a button which does not need to be pushed breaks much harder and the home button of Apple tablets and phones breaking is something everyone knows all too well.

This new rumor also fuels the rumor of the iPhone 8 not having a button. Sources say that the button will be implemented into the edge-to-edge screen display.

cNet reports that Apple could release three new iPads next year. Other models range from 9 to 12 inches in size. There is also the possibility of a new iPad Mini. The next iPad they are going to release will be one of a kind. For starters it of course could not have a home button. But it could also feature a borderless screen.

Perhaps apple is testing these new features out on the iPad before deciding to implement them on their biggest sale: The iPhone. If this does work then it could very well change the shape of what a generic iPhone looks like.

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