Lady Gaga 2016: 'Joanne' Singer Admits She Thinks About Leaving Music Industry 'Every Day' [VIDEO]

Lady Gaga opened up like never before in a recent interview, discussing how she sometimes thinks about leaving the music industry.

It isn't always easy for Gaga living in the spotlight, despite all her fame and fortune. The "Born This Way" singer discussed her ongoing battle with depression and more in an interview with Vanity Fair Italy, revealing that she often considers leaving the world of music behind.

"I think about it every day," she admitted. "Because I know that in any moment I can stop, go home and be happy; but then I'd become unhappy because I did not reach my aim: I have a strong relationship with God which reminds me why I'm here. The truth is that I feel more like a missionary, rather than a popstar."

Gaga reached a breaking point during her Born This Way Ball, a world tour so exhaustive that she suffered a serious hip injury and had to cancel the rest of the shows. The pop star admitted that during this time she "was very scared" but "didn't know why," only to discover that her feelings were caused by "something to do with my brain."

The 30-year-old singer also revealed recently that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, having been sexually assaulted by a music producer when she was 19. She explained to Vanity Fair Italy that during the Born This Way Ball she received very little support from management and those around her, "I explained to my management many times that I was sick; I asked for help to people from the music industry who were working for me, no one ever listened to me. No one ever understood how bad it was that I was sexually assaulted by a producer. I was not protected, and everything was going on as if nothing happened."

Now, Gaga is looking to spread kindness and compassion through Today and NBC Universal's #ShareKindness campaign. She was recently recorded giving gifts and visiting an LGBTQ center in Harlem, N.Y. through this initiative, and has found herself in a happier place through spreading the love.

"Money won't make you happy. I traveled all around the world and in the poorest places I saw the happiest people: real happiness can be found in love, friendship, in the human relationships, in sport," she said. "I feel happy when I give love to my fans, not when I show what I have. The most important thing, which we really need, is kindness."

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