Rumors their marriage is about to come to an end continue to plague Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, despite the couple's best efforts to prove things are still amazing between them 20 years in.

According to a recent report in Star Magazine, the pair's recent plans to go on a joint tour are actually to help "salvage" things between them, and that the plan has nothing to do with their fans or even the music.

"A year ago, no one thought they were even going to make it to their next anniversary-that's how bad that were fighting," a source told the magazine.

"It's been tough, but they both want to put the spark back into their relationship," the source said. "They've tried everything from date nights to couples counseling, to no avail. But there's nothing like a love song. This tour could do wonders for their marriage."

The magazine then alleged that the tour was their plan to "rekindle the passion by performing on stage."

However, Gossip Cop has looked into the story and learned that it was false, similar to other reports which have run in recent years which claimed things like the two were living separate lives, seeking help from other celebrity friends who successfully hid plans to divorce for some time, and even had a massive fortune of $135 million at stake when they filed.

McGraw and Hill married in 1996, and have since gone on to have three daughters together-Gracie Katherine, 19, Maggie Elizabeth, 18, and Audrey Caroline, 15.