Marnie Simpson, the TV celebrity, declares that she often sees UFOs and extra-terrestrials. She has a strange feeling that they are watching her.

The "Geordie Shore" star uploaded a number of posts on Instagram, claiming that she recently had a series of supernatural encounters - much before she caught a plane to Ireland.

All her posts were uploaded when she seemed to be in her right senses. As Sun puts it, "The Party girl is known for getting mortal on the hit MTV show - yet it seems her comments were uploaded when she was very much sober."

The MTV show favourite, who is dating Lewis Bloor, is worried that the ETs are clued into the fact that she has seen them. She tweeted:

But she is also fascinated by them. Uploading one shot with three UFO spaceships - other-worldy modes of transportation - against a purple, hazy background, she wrote: "I would pay you to abduct me."

Her posts have thrown her followers in some confusion, according to Daily Star. "Are you on drugs," asked a few followers.

One skeptic asked her, "Could it have been a "funny shaped" plane - seeing as you were on your way to an airport?"

One of the commentators was pretty skeptical. He speculated, "Must be them dodgy contact lenses you use!"

A hopeful joked, "What's the going rate for abduction?"

Meanwhile, Marnie is focused on another Non-Alien at present - Lewis Bloor. She said she can't wait for the New Year to start. 

She later wrote, "I've never been so desperate to start 2017 I can't wait for a whole month off in Jan so I can get fit and healthy and smash the fitness."

So, which encounter is she waiting for? Bloor or ET beings? Marnie's ET encounters are at least going to make it an interesting New Year for her as well as her fans.