The Toronto Raptors are off to a good start this regular NBA season. Currently, they are holding a 20-8 win-loss record and sitting at the 2nd spot in the Eastern Conference division, just a game behind the EC leader Cleveland Cavaliers. But rumors are rumbling online that a rumored deal between them and the Miami Heat are taking some reactions and might happen before the trade deadline.

Base on their current standings, the Raptors doesn't seem needs a shake up on their roster. But looking at their losses, three of those comes from the defending champs Cavs which means they haven't won a game against them. Many notice the weakness is their interior defense and really missing the services of Bismack Biyombo who left the team last summer.

Now, NBA trade rumors online are saying that the Raptors are now moving to acquire a big man and it looks like the Heat have the player they are looking for. A proposed trade deal is being recommended to the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat that involves 4 players.

Trade scenario is saying that the Raptors will send center Jonas Valanciunas and small forward Terrence Ross plus a first-round draft pick to the Heat in exchange for center Hassan Whiteside and shooting guard Josh Richardson. Some say that both teams got the fair share of the deal that will be beneficial for both of them.

Having Whiteside will finally give the Raptors the desired big man in the middle and boost their interior defense that they badly needed. The Raptors could also build a Big Three of their own with Whiteside and All-Star duo of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. They can also benefit to Josh Richardson who has shown his potential by supporting the offense of the Heat will Dragic was injured.

On the other hand, the Heat got a good return in Valanciunas and Ross who are also solid players for the Raptors. Valanciunas will surely replace Whiteside as the starting center for the Heat while Ross will boost up the SF spot for them. Valanciunas and Ross are 3rd (19.2) and 4th (18.8) respectively in terms of PER of the whole team.

The rumored deal will also pass NBA trade rules and salary cap policy making it a legal deal for both teams and it will be approved by league official as per checking with ESPN NBA Trade Machine.

Will the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat agree on this rumored swap between Hassan Whiteside and Jonas Valanciunas before the trade deadline?