Prince William And Kate: Royal Couple Breaches Tradition And Spends Christmas Away From Palace [VIDEO]

The young, royal family - that is Kate Middleton, Prince William and their two children - missed Queen Elizabeth's Christmas celebration at Sandringham Estate, and attended a more sober one at the Middleton manor.

Kate's mother, Carole Middleton, worked out an elaborate and "fun-filled holiday" for her grandchildren. Kate does not want to put her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, through royal events and gatherings.

Hence Carole Middleton made it a "more relaxed holiday at home." The family looked forward to "fun and exciting Christmas" that Kate enjoyed in her childhood. There has been a ban imposed on rules and restraints, while even strict bedtimes will be forgotten at the Middleton manor.

In fact, one source close to the royal family, according to Daily Mail disclosed, "Christmas at Sandringham is run like a military operation with everything from guests' arrival time to when they eat breakfast, walk the dogs, sit down to lunch and retire to bed strictly timetabled. Even lunch on Christmas Day is penciled in for just 50 minutes."

Hence, the royal family has decided to spend Christmas at the Middletons' home so that they can all enjoy the festive celebration, just as Kate did while she was growing up. Prince William also wanted his children to experience 'normal' lives.

"The decision of William and Kate to pass on both of the big days at Sandringham is a pivotal moment in their declaration of independence, a statement that they can't be relied on to do things a certain way simply because that's the way they have always been done. At Sandringham Estate, the royal children would be forced to spend the festive day away parents and the other adults, which Kate doesn't want to subject her children to," according to Daily Beast.

Moreover, Carole Middleton has noticed that Kate looks unhappy with the other royals, and so she is egging Kate to speak up for herself. Carole wants her daughter and grandchildren to be happy, not "miserable." That is why she is trying to put matters into Kate's hands.

Does this mean that the royal family will spend every Christmas with Kate's family? It is quite possible. At least, that is speculation, or wishful thinking on Kate's behalf. But it might or might not happen.


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