Like other smartphone manufacturer Apple Inc. is also set to unveil its flagship handset next year. The iPhone 8 will reportedly have eight enhanced and revamped features and specs.

According to Mac Rumors, next year will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and the Cupertino-based company; Apple is planning to do something huge to celebrate the occasion. Although it is still more than a year for the iPhone 8's launch, there were already a lot of speculations stating that the next member of iPhone family will be armed with amazing features.

Apple Inc. is supposed to be testing more than 10 prototype iPhone models which may mean that the features of iPhone 8 are not yet certain. As there are a lot of testing handsets speculations tends to be conflicting also as of the moment.

When it comes with the specs and features, Know Your Mobile reported that the iPhone 8 might sport a brand new design wherein it is likely to sport all-touch frontage with zero bezels and a curved display also possible. Along with it is a rumored higher screen resolution. There are also talks stating that there will be big improvements to standard iPhone 8 Model wherein it may boast a 1080p display and an improved imaging.

The iPhone 8 is also believed to have a new Pro Model which will be dubbed as the true flagship handset. Additionally, this upcoming smartphone from the Cupertino-based company may also be engineered with an ultra-powerful and very efficient chipset; the A11.

When it comes with the camera department, this gadget is predicted to have a dual lens camera set-up. The iPhone 8 Pro will most probably feature the biggest battery ever placed inside an iPhone. And last but not the least, many are anticipating that the Home Button will be ditched on the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 is anticipated to launch Fall next year. and as of the moment, Apple Inc. is tight-lipped about the handset. Nonetheless, concrete information is expected to became available as the predicted release nears.