The Shocking And Biggest Stories Of 2016 Uncovered [VIDEO]

This year, 2016 has been a year of shocking and biggest stories not only in Hollywood but also in politics. People were mostly shaken with these stories which include controversial divorces, weddings, engagements, deaths, and elections.

Perhaps the most shocking one is the Brangelina split. Angelina Jolie shocked everyone when she filed for divorce last September from Brad Pitt. Though the divorce was already imminent, many people are still surprised with this news. With this, a lot of speculations escalated most especially on the real reason of the divorce of the once to be considered as the perfect couple in Hollywood as per US Weekly.

Apart from Brangelina split, many were also surprised with the whirlwind and unexpected romance of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. People did not expect that the two will get along so well and will be romantically linked that's why their romance also shocked the fans and the industry. But their romance was only short-lived as they called it quits only after months of dating.

When Prince Harry formally confirmed that he is dating Hollywood actress Meghan Markle, a lot of girls went crazy and were completely devastated but some were so thrilled with Harry's new found love. But the downside is Markle has been exposed to criticisms by the press in which Harry condemned.

Next is Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery which gained varied reactions from fans and people. Some speculated that it was actually a staged robbery just to serve their personal interests and to actually cover up for Kanye West's debt. This however remained a rumor until now as Kim has been traumatized by this.

Some of the renowned celebrities and personalities also passed away this year namely Prince, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, astronaut John Glenn, and the latest, British singer George Michael. Their deaths also shocked the industry and the world.

Lastly, not only the Americans were surprised with the result of the Presidential election but the whole world as well. Republican nominee Donald Trump beat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. A lot of the A-list celebrities also poured their sentiments when Trump has been chosen to succeed Barack Obama as the president of the United States of America.

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