One Piece: Gold Movie In Theaters Jan. 10; Luffy And The Straw Hats Heading Towards Destruction [VIDEO]

One Piece: Gold has already debuted in Japan this year and now, the film is coming to the U.S. in full english dub. This will prove to be very exciting for One Piece anime and manga fans who will be able to catch up to the Straw Hats crew and their whereabouts after Dressrosa Arc.

According to One Piece Podcast, reviewer Greg suggests that the film is action packed and yet emotional. It has great humor and would be thoroughly enjoyed by audiences in the west.

The english subbed trailer and the new english dubbed clip from the movie shows that the Straw Hat crew is atop a massive six mile long ship that is being dragged by massive turtles with cannons on their back. 

The ship is considered a nation in itself by the World Government and due to the existence of powerful characters that are important to trade and commerce, the World Governement does not meddle in this nation's affairs.

However, just like always the Straw Hats come into trouble after merrymaking. The trailer shows that the problems begin after Luffy agrees to a bet with the Emperor of Gran Tesoro, the floating city where everyone comes in the hopes to get rich quickly.

However, Straw Hat pirates will quickly discover that glamor isn't all and that the emperor of the ship is a tyrant who feeds on the despair of people on his ship. In the trailer he threatens the members, making a helpless Luffy watch. 

The film takes place after Luffy has defeated Donquixote Doflamingo in Dressrosa. Luffy and his crew decide to take a holiday, away from the fighting and the quest to defeat the Emperors of the Sea.

According to Anime News Network, the new movie is made from the same studio that made Dragon Ball Z. In addition, Eichiro Oda, the mangaka of One Piece, is an executive producer for the film. 

Funimation has scheduled to release the One Piece: Gold movie in U.S. theatres on January 10.

Stay tuned for more One Piece: Gold news and updates.


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