Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux: Rumors Fly Thick But Split Is Not Happening [VIDEO]


News of Jennifer Aniston's looming split with Justin Theroux might have hit the headlines if she takes his odd behaviour seriously.

The grapevine whispers that Justin seems to be acting more like a "Hollywood bachelor than a married man" according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Sources are clear that although Jennifer is fed up of fighting, she is struggling to give Justin a second chance instead of making news that they are in for a divorce. She has been confessing to everyone that Justin tends to spend more time with his friends than at home

Moreover, Jennifer Aniston wants to start a family. But for that to happen, Justin needs to be by her side. That is doomed if he is constantly out of the house on Hollywood shoots, mostly away in either New York City, Rome, or Berlin. Many sources claim that he is purposely doing it in order to stop coming home to his wife.

Rumors state that Justin is concentrating more on his Hollywood career than his marriage. Although Jennifer tries to take on projects that make her stay on in Los Angeles, her husband is always away.

Still, she is willing to let him take another chance. Recently, Justin Theroux reportedly told her after many months that he would like to work on their marriage. Not only is that important to her, but for their public image too he would like to have a decent front.

Meanwhile, what about the divorce rumors? In Touch magazine has been reporting that the two were on the "brink" of divorce. But that was a tidbit that was repeated many times throughout the year. The magazine now says that they have "called it off" and are still together.

Gossip Cop, which debunks false rumors, clarifies: "That's the tabloid's way of brushing over all its wrong reports. And by throwing in at the end that Aniston just may end up pulling the plug on the marriage anyway, In Touch has set up its next round of divorce stories for the new year. It's all transparent and pathetic.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were never divorcing, so there is no divorce to suddenly call off. All we have is one very "out-of-touch magazine." Hopefully, it will be a better new year for the pair.


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