The Miami Heat's campaign this season is said to be going nowhere and way far from their previous campaign. Recent reports are recommending that they should consider of trading Goran Dragic right now and it seems that the Philadelphia 76ers are a potential trade partner for them.

From being one of the top teams last season, the Heat find themselves in the bottom of the Eastern Conference division holding an 11-26 win-loss record. Big reason for their misfortunes is that they lost Dwyane Wade in free agency last summer while Chris Bosh was not cleared to play due to his health condition.

Now, the burden of carrying the team is put on the shoulder of Dragic and Hassan Whiteside being two of the remaining superstars of the Heat. But it seems that both of them are not enough to lead the team to victories and will be deemed to suffer a disappointing season. With that being said, some say that trading Dragic could be a viable option to the Heat that could change their luck.

According to CBSSports, "rebuilding" could be the word that Miami Heat management are thinking right now and a trade deal with the Philadelphia 76ers might be the best option available for them. Trade scenario is suggesting that the Heat will send Goran Dragic to the 76ers in exchange for Jahlil Okafor and Robert Covington.

Nerlens Noel could also be an option rather than Okafor but since Joel Embiid stated that Noel is his "best friend" on the team makes it easier to pick Okafor as trade offer to the Heat. Aside from that, Okafor brings more value that Noel who is just coming off a knee surgery. So what this trade will bring to both teams involved?

The 76ers will definitely benefit from this trade as they longing for a true point guard to stabilize their offense in the backcourt. Having Dragic will significantly help them to put big numbers on the board and boost their offensive line as well. Aside from that, he is a veteran playmaker that has already proven his worth in the league for 8 years.

On the other hand, the Heat is also in an advantage getting a young big man to pair with Whiteside. Though they may suffer losing this season (as others already expected) but having Okafor and Covington will surely flourish their future and use them to go after another superstar they want.

The trade will also work under NBA trade and salary cap rules as verified with ESPN NBA Trade Machine. It is now in the hands of the Miami Heat if they are already decided to trade Goran Dragic to the Philadelphia 76ers before the trade deadline.