'Frozen 2' Rumors: Despite Debunked Theory, Fans Still Hopeful for 'Tarzan' Connection [VIDEO]

Despite already being debunked by the animated movie's director, Chris Buck, Frozen fans are still very much hoping that the sequel, Frozen 2, will still contain some form of connection to Disney's other hit film, Tarzan."

There is of course a lot of anticipation for the new Frozen movie, so much so that fans are now trying to come up with their own theories as to what will be featured in the next installment. One of the most popular theories that has been around for quite a long time now is the apparent connection between Tarzan and Frozen.

The rumors had started when several fans had claimed that Elsa and Anna's parents may have been the parents of Tarzan. In the movie Frozen, Anna and Elsa's parent were apparently lost at sea and were shipwrecked. This was then thought of as the prequel events to the start of Tarzan where a couple was marooned and then gave birth to a baby boy in a remote forest.

The parents, unfortunately, were killed by leopards and the boy was raised by gorillas. Several rumors then started that the story for Frozen 2 might feature the return of Tarzan as the prince of Arendell. This was also claimed by various rumor reports including one from Travelers Today.

Despite the likely connection, Buck has already explained, via MTV, that there was no connection at all in the movies, but that he only thought there was one in his own head. Based on his statements, it can be assumed that Buck may have wanted to have a connection while making the movie, but later opted not to make one. He also revealed that he actually also inserted some surfing penguins in the Tarzan movie that tied up to the non-Disney film, Surf's Up, with both movie not having any connection at all. It is possible the situations were just basically Easter eggs that he injected into them and not necessarily actual connections that would tie-up the movies. Buck, however, mentioned that fans can still think of the movies as having a connection as they are Disney movies after all.

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