It is not surprising that the sci-fi film Jurassic World will have a sequel currently dubbed as Jurassic World 2. Considering that the movie is among the top-grossing motion pictures of all-time, the franchise definitely deserves another installment.

As of late, members of the cast are all gearing up for work and with the film expected to hit the theaters in 2018, production will definitely begin this year. Bryce Dallas Howard has taken a moment to discuss the forthcoming Jurassic World 2 while on a press circuit for the movie Gold.

She shares that she and actor Chris Pratt are set to reprise their roles as Claire and Owen, respectively in Jurassic World 2Although details about the Jurassic flick remain under wraps, Howard shares that they had fun ciphering out how the back story of the movie will unfold. Both the actress and Pratt are in the process of determining the sequences in between the narrative.

Judging from the dinosaur park has been closed down during the first film, it is likely that the sequel will have to jump to another time frame in order to keep the story rolling. The timeline for the next picture will be quite interesting. Considering the presence of child stars on the set, there may be a need to introduce new backgrounds and related plots to keep the pace going.

Part one director and producer Colin Trevorrow has floated the idea of presenting a story off Isla Nublar. A line in Jurassic World has prompted him to make a narrative that goes beyond the dinosaur lair.

That talking point actually belongs to Dr. Wu which is being played by actor B.D. Wong. The doctor has blurted out that there will be others who can also make a dinosaur. Within this context, Trevorrow has thought about expanding the storyline. Given that the dinosaurs can be commanded as manifested by Chris Pratt's character, the possibility of arming the reptiles can be likely.

Although Trevorrow does not want to direct Jurassic World 2, he intends to co-write the script which means that compelling ideas from him will probably come to life.