Was it just the wind or was she overwhelmed seeing her latest role onscreen?

According to the Daily Mail, Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard appeared to be dabbing at her eyes during Friday's photo call for her new movie The Immigrant, leading to media speculation as to why.

E! News reported that the real reason the actress kept going towards her was a natural phenomenon: the sun was out in full force in southern France, and it made the actress start to tear. She alleviated the pain with a pair of large circular sunglasses, and like the proper actress she is, she managed to hit all her marks and got her picture snapped with director James Gray and co-star Jeremy Renner.

But there is one reason Cotillard cried tears of joy.

Teresa Yuan, a New York City woman who had taken to the internet to harass the actress, was sentenced to probation for her attacks last Friday. Yuan was taken into FBI custody in April 2011 for sending 504 emails and 120 webcam videos to a Cotillard fan website.

Yuan is set to serve five years probation and has been ordered to undergo mental health treatment.

The Immigrant, the newest film by Gray, has Cotillard playing Ewa, a Polish woman who comes to New York with her sister in the early 20th century. When her sister is discovered to be ill and quarantined, Ewa is left to fend for herself in the city streets and she falls victim to a manipulating man (Joaquin Phoenix) who forces her to become a prostitute. It is currently in contention for the Palme d'Or prize for best feature film.

Cotillard has been working rather hard at this year's festival. She made an appearance at photo call for another new film she stars in, Blood Ties, which focuses on two brothers on opposite sides of the law in 1970s Brooklyn. James Gray co-wrote the film with its director Guillaume Canet, who is also Cotillard's longtime boyfriend.