Ruby Rose covers the new issue of Cosmopolitan and she's getting even more frank about her sexuality than ever before.

Rose has gradually become an icon in her defiance of gender norms and open expressions of sexuality. Now that she's covering Cosmopolitan for the first time, she's opening up about how she feels about herself and her place in the world.

"I'm very confident and in tune with my sexuality. I feel very blessed for that, because in different places around the world, people can't be," Rose told the magazine. "I'm lucky I can explore."

Rose came out as lesbian at the age of 12 and is currently dating Jess Origliasso of The Veronicas.

"I have a very healthy sex life, and there's something very empowering, strong, and feminist about being open and comfortable in that world," Rose added.

Rose isn't as certain about whether she wants to get married, even if she's a huge proponent of marriage equality.

"According to the news, I've been engaged five times. For me, marriage is more about equal rights than the act of getting married," she said. "When you don't have equal rights, it trickles down to kids who think, 'My aunt's gay so she can't get married,' or 'I'm weird because I feel the same way.' So it's important to break down that barrier."

Even if she's not interested in marriage at the moment, she does want to talk about having kids at some point.

"I'm more interested in having a loving, healthy, long-term relationship with someone I might want to have kids with someday," Rose admitted.

Rose expressed similar thoughts to The EDIT in January, revealing that she's glad she never got gender reassignment surgery. "I'm a woman ... I want to have babies one day, so I'm glad I didn't make changes earlier in my life," Rose said.