An entirely new 3D "Pokemon" game was developed for a map for vanilla "Minecraft."The game has a battle system, random encounters and to make it more interesting, it also has an overarching story.

The fan-made augmented reality game in "Minecraft" is called "Pokemon" Cobalt and Amethyst offers 136 new, but unofficial, monsters to discover, evolve and battle with. According to Engadget, the game was developed over a period of 31 months with more than 30 staff and crew. It is, in fact, a proof of concept of "Pokemon" Battle System. When the developers saw that it was viable, they build a whole game around it featuring 10 towns and eight gyms.

Players of "Pokemon" in "Minecraft" will have the chance to explore the Suliqu region. The Team Tempest is looking for a legendary darkness to use against the region. The players can stop them by using the power of the newly acquired "Pokemon." The professor will still be there willing to give support, and of course there will be friends to make along the way. It also features a custom soundtrack.

Phoenix SC estimates that playing the "Pokemon" in "Minecraft" will take about 60 to 80 hours to finish. Game experts advise to back things up while playing so that players will not get stuck if something goes wrong while playing on PC or MAC. There are also some actions that might break the game.

This "Pokemon" in "Minecraft" game is not the first fan-made Niantic game according to Game Spot. There have been a number of interesting titles, but they were also shut down. Hopefully, the "Pokemon" company and Nintendo will not object on this project and have it shut.

"Minecraft" is confirmed to be coming to Nintendo Switch, and its latest update features new mobs, blocks and wings. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has recently become compatible with "Pokemon" Bank.