The much-awaited Pokemon Bank has been delivered to the "Pokemon Sun and Moon' and it seems that another version will be arriving as indicated by the game's cutscene. Dubbed as "Pokemon Stars" the video game is expected to become accessible on Nintendo Switch in 2018.

According to Telegiz, a cutscene from "Pokemon Sun and Moon" attests the existence of "Pokemon Stars" which will be the third version of the game. This new mainline of the Pokemon game is believed to be under development for Nintendo Switch, and it appears to be launched for the hybrid console next year along with "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," "Lego City Undercover" and other games.

The "Pokemon Star" is predicted to arrive boasting the same map, art from 3DS games, and locales with visual enhancements. It is said speculated to sport a higher-resolution and diverse game elements. It can be remembered way back in February 2016 that a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" teaser presented a look at the studio wherein a lot of concept art shots were exposed. It also indicated a high-definition Pikipek which appears to be seen in "Pokemon Stars."

Furthermore, US gamer noted that a redditor under the username ronnknee on Pokemon subreddit, teaches his co-trainers on how to initiate the unusual cutscene which is taught to be indicating the release of "Pokemon Starts". This cutscene involves an old man standing in the Haina Desert and the trainers only trigger the scene by presenting a Solrock or a Lunatone, neither of which is native to Alola to the old man. Players must also bring them into the tropical region via Pokemon Bank.

When the players show either of the cosmic Pokemon to the old man, he will abruptly "remember everything," and utters the "star pulses" given to him 30 years ago are still safe since they were hand over with a group of "wonderful men." He will then offer the gamers a Moonstone and teleports off into space.

With this cutscene it really seems that "Pokemon Stars" will be out for Nintendo Switch next year. Nevertheless, Nintendo hasn't confirmed this information yet, so it is till recommended to be taken with skepticism.