'Clash Royale' 2017 Latest News & Update: Goblin Gang Arriving In Just A Few Weeks, Card Details; How To Get Them [VIDEO]


Supercell is now in the process of releasing four brand new card units for their highly popular mobile strategy video game, "Clash Royale." Even before the cards were released, the developer had revealed to fans the actual units they will be getting in the coming weeks, which includes the Goblin Gang, the Battle Ram, the Dart Goblins, and the Executioner.

As of this writing there is now just three more days until the release of the second card in the lineup, the Battle Ram. However, players are most likely looking out for the Goblin Gang card as it seems to be the most valuable card among the four new cards for "Clash Royale" that were announced on the Supercell's website.

The "Clash Royale" card's release countdown is currently not yet visible within the game, but it has already been revealed that it will be coming out in less than three weeks. Being a common card, the length between its release and the Battle Ram is quite puzzling. However, considering the value and potency of the new card, Supercell may be intentionally delaying its release for the game.

Goblin Gang Card. The Goblin Gang card basically allows "Clash Royale" players to spawn three regular goblins and three spear goblins, for a total of six goblins for just three elixirs. Despite the value, all of the goblin units can still easily be countered with logs, zaps, and fireballs. However, when combined with a zap-bait deck, the goblins can deal a total of 1,200 damage to an unprotected tower.

Getting a Goblin Gang Card for Free. Supercell may be launching a special event during the Goblin Gang card's release. This will likely be similar to the tournaments that were held for the Executioner and Dart Goblin units, as reported by Touch Arcade. All "Clash Royale" players will then be given one free pass to try out in the tournament.

Players that will be able to win five times out of 12 attempts will then be awarded the Goblin Gang card for free. However, it has to be noted that the Goblin Gang card is a common card, which means that it can probably be easily attained in regular chests. Stay tuned to Enstarz for more "Clash Royale" news and updates!

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