AMD will reportedly roll out Ryzen in March its upcoming desktop processor that is based on AMD's first brand-new architecture in over five years. And it is further alleged that Intel is supposedly concocting variations to its own specific item cast to counter the AMD risk. It is said that the Ryzen is a strong contender and Intel does not want to be caught flat-footed.

According to Canard PC Hardware, latest reports confirm that the upcoming Ryzen really signifies a serious threat to Intel's supremacy. Reportedly, Intel is now trying to avoid at all costs the embarrassment that would signify a Ryzen comparable to the Core i7 6900K that commands a much lower price. Allegedly, modifications to the pricing schemes are becoming unavoidable and are being concluded.

Apparently, Intel would be selecting several new Quad Core processors based on the Kaby Lake architecture. Foremost will be the Core i7 7740K that accordingly has 8 MB of L3, with a base frequency of 4.30 GHz, at the expense of a significantly higher TDP. The Turbo frequency is apparently not known, but should sensibly be 4.60 GHz.

One of the other selection seemingly is the Core i5 7640K, coming with Quad Core, 6MB L3, and 4.0GHz base frequency. On the TDP side, reportedly it would climb above the 100W. But what apparently is much more interesting is that the Core i5 7640K would have active Hyper-threading, a first for a Core i5 Desktop. It is said that presently the Core i5 is differentiated from the Core i7 by the absence of Hyper-threading.

According to Extreme Tech, there is no doubt Intel can manufacture a CPU with a 4.3GHz base clock and a 4.6GHz Turbo. But the post further said that the higher Intel raise the pot, the more aggressively it will have to box its CPUs to ensure they will succeed in their ecosphere.