Right from the beginning, Google was always having some inventory issues and delayed the Pixel orders since the company hadn't expected the high demand for its smartphones. The delays have been so bad and in fact, rumors have also started going around that Google had even stopped production. While this obviously false, Verizon has started to give away Daydream VR headsets as an apology to customers who had their shipments delayed of Google Pixel XL.

Moreover, if you have already purchased a Daydream View headset then Verion might credit $50 your account. This however is not a choice for certain though, as others have mentioned that they were either given the choice of the headset or nothing at all. This is Verizon's way of conciliating consumers and apologizing for the delays.

But question comes on why is the Verizon shipping free Daydream View VR headset? Well the answer to this is, its Google's exclusive carrier partner in the United States. This means that no other U.S. carrier can officially sell the Pixel or Pixel XL. So if you don't want to buy one from Verizon, you can buy an unlocked and off-contract unit from Google, Ubergizmo learned.

Some Reddit users who ordered a Pixel also reported that they are receiving calls from Verizon on informing them that a free Daydream headset is coming to their way. Some have already received their Pixel smartphones but others who got a call have yet to get their orders. It is a good move to make these customers feel respected. Customers will undoubtedly like receiving this $79 VR headset that's compatible with their smartphones for free.

So if you ordered the Pixel XL and are yet to receive the smartphone, chances are high that the Verizon may sweeten the deal for you by flinging in the Google Daydream VR headset as a token of apology as well.