Apple's 2017 iPhone, according to rumors will show a completely redesigned handset that is expected to feature premium parts with no bezels and quite possibly no home button. It is also reported that according to sources who have apparent access to Apple's plan that the upcoming iPhone will cost more than $1,000.

Rumors suggest, according to Mac Rumors, that the forthcoming iPhone is apparently to be called iPhone 8, and it will feature an OLED display. It is said that this is more expensive than the traditional LED displays. Other enhancements that may also jack up the price of the phone is an increase in memory and its wireless charging functionality. Earlier rumors have also proposed that the iPhone 8 will be a premium device such that it can command a price of more than $1,000, considering that the 256GB iPhone 7Plus is already pegging at $969 in the US.

It is also reportedly confirmed that the iPhone 8 looks like something as a smooth black stone with few visual interruptions to its glossy design. Rumors are apparently affirmed that Apple is seemingly aiming for an iPhone design that will portray the phone like a single sheet of glass, with the Home button and Touch ID fingerprint sensor to be located under the display.

Rumors further say that the iPhone 8 is predicted to include a glass body with a stainless steel frame for durability. And it is likewise forecasted that the display will measure from 5 inches to 5.8-inches, but at present, there is no clear picture yet of what it is going to be.

According to BGR, the Home button technology is currently still in its infant stage, but Apple is determined to have it completed in time for inclusion in the iPhone 8. It is also rumored that physical buttons, such as the volume button, power button, and mute switch will also be eliminated, and the phone is said to have a big battery.