'Westworld' Actress Evan Rachel Wood's Bisexuality Makes Her Feel 'Broken'


Evan Rachel Wood riveted the audiences when she opened up about her sexual preferences. She was giving a speech during the acceptance of her Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award at a gala dinner on Feb. 5 in North Carolina, US.

The "Westworld" actress said she had always felt that females are "beautiful." It was something Evan Rachel Wood felt right from the age of 12, even as she was shooting into teenage as a "tomboy from Raleigh." Yet, she also felt some confused attraction even to men, whom she also thought were "beautiful."

"I choose to use my voice because it would feel selfish to have acquired the platform to represent the underrepresented and to not use it," announced Evan Rachel Wood. Still, she never indulged in her same-sex feelings, especially because she heard about the gay opposition drives when she was a teenager. Evan Rachel Wood tried to forget them while she was attracted towards women. However, she did go through a period when she felt "broken" about it. It was a struggle for her to come to terms with it. She did not think she would come out of it, according to Mail Online.

She is now engaged to Zach Villa, who is with her in the musical "Rebel and a Basketcase." Earlier, Evan Rachel Wood was married to actor Jamie Bell, and they had a son in July 2013. But even after three years, they have not revealed his name.

Although many believe that artists do not speak up, she is not the type of person who keeps quiet about anything. She said she chose to reflect the times and situations in which she found herself. Evan Rachel Wood recalled the singer and civil rights activist Nina Simone. In "Westworld" Season 1, Wood plays Dolores and is "the oldest host" in the park. Other successful shows include "Big with Evan Rachel Wood and Darren Criss" and "Barefoot."

Recently, she told Indie Wire that she was happy to return to "Westworld" Season 2. "No one's more excited than me to come back - I guarantee it," she said. However, the official dates of the series have not been revealed officially.


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