Selena Gomez Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Lure Her Boyfriend, The Weeknd

There are heavy whispers that singer Selena Gomez has altered her face in order to impress her new boyfriend, The Weeknd. The chart topper seems to be sporting a strange, novel face nowadays. A number of her fans even speculate that she might have undertaken lip injections, for her "pout" looks full and rich nowadays.

The "Kill 'Em With Kindness" Selena Gomez may have managed to get by with some injections on her face. But she has not commented on the possibility of the plastic surgery in her life so far. Yet, there are a number of guesses and speculations about the operations in the past, according to Celebplasticsurgery.

After Selena Gomez completed her last rehab a few months ago, she began to date The Weeknd. Following that, she partied continuously. Having spent three months at a rehab center in order to treat her low feelings and depression, she began to hit the headlines due to her dating. She shared her photographs on the social media, while all the websites and magazines are plastered with photographs of her "before" and "after" pictures, according to Life&style.

There are worries from fans that Selena Gomez might go back to the rehab center, what with her strange and eccentric manner of behavior. A number of her close friends and family members too are upset about her manner. A few friends are even skeptical that she is probably taking some rather fast moves in her relations with The Weeknd.

Another angle to the relationship with The Weeknd could be to make her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber go green with jealousy. While Justin cast some shade on the "Starboy" singer a few weeks ago, he also had a comment to make about his music. He said about The Weeknd's music: "Hell no, I can't listen to a Weeknd song! That shit's whack."

A number of friends are worried about Selena Gomez's looks, which is hinting that she might end up looking like a reality television star. The singer is trying to appear somewhat more mature and seductive for her new boyfriend, The Weeknd. Clearly, Selena is trying to impress him, and only Selena knows whether she really has done so or not.

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