The coming episodes of "Days of Our Lives" are full of reunions and breather. Characters will go through ups and downs but it will be more about happier moments as a comeback is promised. Also, there is breather ahead for Hope.

Hope will come across some evidence to set herself free in the upcoming episodes of "Days of Our Lives." She will research on her own to prove Hattie's innocence and how she was framed by Andre. Fate favors her as well when she finds out some evidence against Andre. Not only this, she also stumbles across a news story and learns that all charges against her have been dropped. So, she decides to go back to Salem and have a word with Lt.Raines. "Days of Our Lives" will also have Hattie confronting Andre, Soaps She Knows claims.

Hope is excited about reuniting with her family and finding freedom. She thanks Eric for his help and also asks him to come along with her but he refuses. After reaching the police station, she sees Rafe and they hug each other. However, she finds it tough while dealing with Lt. Raines and Andre also creates trouble but Hope brings out her research and blackmails him with a plan. Andre gives in and she is officially free.

In the meantime, Stephanie returns for the wedding of her parents Steve and Kayla, scheduled for the Wednesday episode of "Days of Our Lives," SoapHub reported. Their first born is coming back to attend the ceremony. Notably, the character of Stephanie is played by Shelley Hennig and was last seen six years back in 2011.

Speaking of comeback, Martin Harris, who plays Officer Hasek and Craig Welzbacher, who essays Myron in "Days of Our Lives.", would be back in their respective roles. However, it is not just about comebacks on "Days of Our Lives." Exits are also in the offing. Austin Peck, Leann Hunley, and Christie Clark will be completing their stints as Austin, Anna and Carrie respectively. The three have been on the show since January. "Days of Our Lives" has lots of drama lined up and viewers can expect heavy dose of entertainment in the coming week.