‘Wonder Woman’ Update: Arnold Schwarzenegger Might Appear In DC Comics Movie [VIDEO]

There are strong assumptions that Arnold Schwarzenegger might appear in "Wonder Woman" in an unknown role yet. Although the filming of the superhero movie already wrapped up in January, some said that the former Governor of California may still be included in the DC Comics film.

According to NME, Arnold Schwarzenegger might have a small character in "Wonder Woman" or land voice role. The 69-year-old star may possibly be heard as the CGI version of the movie's villain Ares, the god of war.

 The reports grow strong when Arnold Schwarzenegger was followed by the "Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins and the DC Film Chief Geoff Johns on Twitter. It has been said that the social media platform has been a tool for including the actors in the DC Comics-based movies.

In fact, when John Cleese followed Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck in 2016, it was later confirmed that he would be seen in the "Justice League." If the beliefs that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in "Wonder Woman" are not true, then maybe Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns followed the actor after "The Terminator" legend had an exchange of words with President Donald Trump.

However, Comic Book reported that it is a big sign that Arnold Schwarzenegger is being considered for a role in "Wonder Woman." To recall, Joe Manganiello got a lot of DC Comics executives following on his Twitter page before he secured a role in "The Batman."

Aside from being the voice of Ares in "Wonder Woman," there are also theories swirling that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be seen in the post-credits scene. If the "Commando" will indeed appear in the film, this will not be the first time that the will be joining the DC Universe.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a part of the DC film in 1997 as the supervillain Mr. Freeze or also known as Dr. Victor Fries in "Batman & Robin" opposite George Clooney as Batman and Chris O'Donnell as Robin. It looks like fans still have to wait for the release of "Wonder Woman" on June 2 to see if the new "Celebrity Apprentice" host will appear in the film.

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