Anti-terrorism measures earlier initiated by United States President Donald Trump are expected to continue despite the ruling of the United States Court of Appeals against the continued implementation of the anti-immigration Executive Order (EO). Three judges unanimously rejected the government's request to lift the suspension order against the EO by reason of national security.

Trump's EO bans the temporary entry to the US of the citizens of seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population. Refugees are also suspended from being admitted to the country. The Obama administration previously identified these countries as among the world's most dangerous countries when it comes to cuddling terrorists.

Judge Ann Donnelly said the implementation of the order would be a violation of the Constitution's equal protection and due process clause, according to CNN. Protesters see Trump's order not merely as an anti-terrorism campaign but a ban against Muslims.

Trump said the anti-terrorism campaign will continue with the planned issuance next week of new orders that would achieve the same intent as the questioned order. The administration is, however, keeping its options open as the possibility of elevating the case to the Supreme Court is still possible.

He said the new EO would still address the terrorism problem but will have a very strong legal basis compared to the previous one. Press Secretary Sean Spicer said nothing is final yet, as they are keeping their options open to all possibilities.

 "I promise you, we will fight back," New York Representative Joseph Crowley said. "We will resist. We will resist on behalf of what is American. And we will resist on behalf of the immigrants who came here in the past and who will come here in the future," he added.

The Democrats vowed to stop Trump from issuing orders that are aimed to subvert the values of the American people, the New York Times reported. The fight will definitely not be inside the legislative halls considering the difficulty of getting the right numbers to fight Trump, so they will have to take the fight to the streets and take advantage of the sentiments of the people.

Trump's EO anti-terrorism campaign has wreaked havoc on the US airports and the thousands of passengers who were not allowed to leave the terminals. The recent decision of the Appeals Court, however, encouraged these people to fly back to the US.