‘Arrow’ Season 5 News: Green Lantern To Appear; Talia Al Ghul To Play Larger Role

Talia al Ghul has already entered "Arrow" Season 5 and another new hero might soon arrive in The CW series. And it is none other than the green costumed superhero Green Lantern.

According to reports from Screen Rant, "Arrow" Season Episode 12 has already teased his entry. It gave viewers a look at Green Lantern's power battery in a scene. The said scene had Oliver and Talia in a flashback where the former conveyed his desire to leave the Russian Bratva and the latter tried to convince him to undertake a different path.

It had Oliver standing beside a table and the table contained something that was most likely the power battery of Green Lantern. Notably, this is not the first instance when elements from "Green Lantern" story arc have made it to "Arrow" and "The Flash." In some episodes of "Arrow" references were made to Ferris Air. Those who do not know, Ferris Air is the aviation company in which Hal Jordan, the alter ego of Green Lantern worked.

Coming to Talia al Ghul, her appearance has already been instrumental in many events on "Arrows" Season 5 and she would be playing a larger role in the coming episodes, TVLine reported. Her presence is expected to add an interesting new perspective to the mythological history of al Ghul family. She may also have a strong connection with the unknown big bad of the season.

Showrunner Wendy Mericle has already said that the mystery of Prometheus is a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of "Arrows" Season 5. Also, as "Arrow" progresses Felicity sets her sights on the villainous vigilante for the second time and Talia also plays a major role in disclosing the true identity of the character.

Like her sister Nyssa, Talia has mastered several forms of combat but she did not take sides in her father's unending war with society. There are also chances that she had a role in Prometheus' training. Well, "Arrows" Season 5 is very much into an interesting territory at present and the upcoming episodes will bring Talia into even greater focus.

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