Nintendo 3DS Vs. PlayStation 4: Consoles' Gracphics Compared Via 'Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance'; Result Really Predictable [VIDEO]

Nintendo 3DS will fight against the Sony's pride; PlayStation 4 to prove which one is offering a great graphics experience. The well-known game, "Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance" will be the consoles' battleground but it really seems that result is predictable.

According to MobiPicker, the "Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD" is a portion of "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8" Final Chapter Prologue a collection that was launched a few days ago for Sony's PlayStation 4. A video has surfaced showing the contrasts of its shiny new HD usage compared with the Nintendo 3DS version. With the said footage, the gamers can clearly see how much the game design has been transformed totally.

It was noted that "Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD" is a full-HD collection form of the video game "Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance". With this, Tetsuya Nomura has thought that it is a total rebuild because the game goes from the Nintendo 3DS's dual-screen to one.

Also, the camera, fight outline, and the Reality Shifts were transformed so that it would suit the controller well. The "Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance" equally supplements the thrilling mini games about the Dream Eaters as well. Besides the graphical augmentations and improved activities, the entire game retains running at 60 fps which is the first time for a video game in the sequence.

Furthermore, iTech News stated that they have compared "Yoshi's Woolly World" to "Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World", but these games are truly incomparable, but bringing the title to the portable console was a success. It was noted that Nintendo 3DS have done remarkable things even though it is equipped with a GPU which was already six years. Tech enthusiasts are also saying that Nintendo doesn't have any intention to win the graphics race among other manufacturers like Sony which was PlayStation 4's creator.

When comparing the Nintendo 3DS with the PlayStation 4 it seems that these devices both perform well but of course it has different capacities. Also, it is not impossible that Nintendo's upcoming hybrid console; Nintendo Switch will also compete against Sony's pride.

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