'Pokemon Sun and Moon' News Update: Tips To Obtaining Bottle Caps; Other Techniques To Score This Rare Item Specified [VIDEO]

The Pokemon Company recently delivered a reward for the avid patrons of "Pokemon Sun and Moon". The players of the video game can obtain bottle caps starting Feb. 3 up to Mar. 5 by doing some quick easy steps.

According to Video Games Republic, in this "Pokemon Sun and Moon" guide to obtaining the Bottle Caps, the players are recommended to use a code card. First, they have to visit GameStop to request for a code card which will give then the silver Bottle Cap. After obtaining the code card the players of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will have to enter the secret code in the video game to add the Bottle Cap to their inventory.

Aside from that, this "Pokemon Sun and Moon" guide also recommends its players to utilize the Bottle Caps by visiting the shopping mall at Hau'oli City. Afterward, the player will have to talk to Mr. Hyper to trade the Silver Bottle Cap. Moreover, the Pokemon that a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" player plans to make stronger should be at Level 100.

Furthermore, IGN has cited other rare techniques and ways to obtain Bottle Caps for "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The first one is by fishing in Seafolk Village on Poni Island that may produce Bottle caps. The players will have to take the south exit once inside the boat that looks like a Steelix for them to be able to find the spot.

Another technique is by completing a 30 win streak at the Battle Tree then return the next day to receive a Bottle Cap. Apart from, some trainers, such as Mina, will give the players of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" a Bottle Cap after beating them. Also, the Event Pokemon Magearna that the gamers can acquire via QR Code on the Pokemon website which will start on Dec. 5 will arrive holding a Bottle Cap.

The players of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" can also exchange 30 Shards having a similar color to the Old Man inside the Festival Plaza Castle to receive one Bottle Cap. Last but not the least; they can utilize the Lottery Shop "Treasure Hunt" in Festival Plaza once per day. The first prize for the raffle is a Gold Bottle cap while the second prize is a Bottle Cap.

 As of the moment, Nintendo is allocating the Bottle Caps for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" in physical game stores around the globe. Moreover, the gamers should keep in mind that the codes only work once per game. But then, if kept unused the Bottle Caps will expire until May 13.

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