'Destiny 2' Update: Activision Confirmed Fall 2017 Release; Bungie Reveals Game Will Feature Cinematic Story, Character Continuity [VIDEO]

"Destiny 2" has been confirmed to be launched fall this year as an answer to the clamor of "Destiny's' fans. Activision and Bungie also revealed that the video game will be sporting cinematic story, character continuity, and other interesting features.

According to Daily Star, "Destiny 2" avid fans have received good news from Activision last week as the video game publisher confirmed that the much-awaited game will become accessible in fall this year. Nevertheless, the exact launch date has yet to be publicized, but Activision stated that "Destiny's" sequel will expand the franchise's global scope.

Furthermore, Tech Radar has learned that Activision and Bungie also publicized some confirmed features of "Destiny 2" and one of which is that it will boast a cinematic story. Based on an interview with Activision Executive, Eric Hirshberg stated that "The cornerstone...is a great cinematic story." He also added that cinematic story with a great cast of unforgettable and significant characters are the focus of "Destiny 2".

Activision also revealed that it has subsequent content plans for "Destiny 2." This basically means that the video game publisher will be listening to players and modifying the future experience wherein gamers could assume fresh content, gameplay variations, and cosmetic add-ons.

"Destiny 2" is also declared to be more accessible for casual players as Activision and Bungie have stated its purpose of making the game more open to all. As a matter of fact, Hirschberg has said that Activision and Bungie had made the sequel of "Destiny" a more reachable to gamers who just wanted to have a great more casual first-person action involvement devoid of dropping anything that the company's core players adore.

Lastly, "Destiny 2" will have character continuity with "Destiny." Although it is not yet known how the forthcoming video game will handle player's Guardians from the first game, it was revealed to have some sort of continuity.

"Destiny 2" is expected to become accessible during fall this year. As for the price, this forthcoming video game from Activision and Bungie is anticipated to have a price bracket of £49.99 to $59.99

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