This Is Us star Chrissy Metz was baffled by critics who body shamed Lady Gaga during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Metz was a guest on Jenny Hutt's show Just Jenny recently and spoke about how people criticized Gaga's weight while performing at the Super Bowl. The actress was confounded by the criticism to say the least.

"That made me bonkers, bananas crazy. How is someone fat if they're not fat?" Metz said, of Gaga. "I wanna see somebody else get on that damn stage and do what the hell she did."

Metz is well-versed in body shaming and weight loss considering her This Is Us character, Kate, battles with weight and self-esteem issues. She spoke on how those negative feelings tend to stem from projecting.

"I think what happens and really what the core of the issue is we project all of our stuff and our crap on other people," she explained. "If we're really, really, genuinely happy and love ourselves then you can't talk s- about other people. You can't be hateful because you love yourself and we're extensions of each other. We're all connected."

Gaga took to Instagram shortly after the body shaming began to spread, telling fans to be proud of themselves and the bodies they live in.

"I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too," she wrote in the caption of a photo of herself performing at the Super Bowl. "No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don't need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That's the stuff of champions. thank you so much everyone for supporting me. I love you guys."