Brad Pitt is reportedly mad after Angelina Jolie's first interview regarding their divorce. Jolie shared that she is undergoing difficult time with the divorce and that she is coping in order to move on.

Angelina was interviewed by BBC while she was in Cambodia to promote her first film. When she was asked about the divorce she finally opened up and said that the split is difficult for her and that she is coping.

As reported by BBC News, Jolie was in tears when she broke her silence regarding this issue. She shared that despite this trouble, they are still a family and will always be a family. She is actually making this challenge a way to move on and get the family closer.

Then after this interview, reports were swirling that Brad Pitt was not actually happy with what his former wife has shared to the public. It has been claimed that Jolie acted like she was the victim and that she seemed to be gathering some sorts of sympathy for this fight.

Reports were claiming that Brad wants to let the public know that he is the aggrieved party in this battle' that's why he was a bit furious with how Jolie manipulated again the media and the press into making them think and believe that she is the one suffering from their issue.

When Angelina Jolie mentioned that they are still a family, some hinted at the possibility of the ending of the child custody battle as per US Magazine. Reports were saying that Jolie was actually hinting that the child custody battle is nearing its end. So is she also hinting that this will be in her favour?

But knowing Angelina Jolie, she will do everything for the sake of her kids, their six kids and for the family as well. Her being emotional in her interview would only suggest that like Brad Pitt, she is also having a hard time coping.