"Tom Clancy's The Division" has a new addition to the system that players should be looking out for, namely the "Stolen Signal" content. Apart from "The Last Stand," it is said that the latest incursion will pit players on a different challenge altogether.

As many may know, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment's "Tom Clancy's The Division" has undergone a great amount of controversy from players in the past seemingly not going up to par with the hype it was once surrounded by. After the Dark Zone, players seem to be more attentive to the succeeding contents, which now seems to be the bigger concern of the team behind it.

According to the official site for "Tom Clancy's The Division," "Stolen Signal" will place the players in a studio with a handful of Rikers, while the content promises members of Joint Task Force held hostage by the Rikers. The players are to then rescue them from their apprehenders. There will be three stages that players are required to accomplish prior to completing the final corresponding challenge.

It will start off with the StarBrake Stage Room, wherein the players of "Tom Clancy's The Division" must raid the room to cut through the stage hallway, chock-full of the opposition. From there, they are to complete the second stage within the Broadcast Studio-although it will not come easy, as all the players must plan a coordinated attack while one player brings a vital variable to the map's hallway.

Lastly, the third challenge will be in a Bomb Room, wherein players of "Tom Clancy's The Division" must defuse a fragile bomb in under a minute, before heading to the final room in an Old West Movie set, in which the hostage salvage will take place. The "Tom Clancy's The Division" incursion is yet to have an official release date. For now, the focus of the game team is within "The Last Stand," testing a lot of the properties that the expansion will don--but both are anticipated to release at the same time. Keep posted for more news and updates.