AMD's inevitable dominance in the low to high-end desktop processor market is looming quite near as the company prepares to release its latest AMD Ryzen CPUs next month. Intel is, of course, feeling all the heat atop its pedestal, which it has ruled over for the good part of a decade.

With the impending release of the AMD Ryzen CPUs, several retailers have initiated huge price cuts on their Intel CPU stocks. The move is seen by some as an act of desperation move to unload their old stocks in time for the arrival of the AMD Ryzen chips. There is, of course, some very good reasons for Intel to be worried as the new Ryzen chips have proven themselves to outclass the latest Intel chips, not only in terms of performance but also in its overall value.

According to Digital Trends, AMD's top of the line Ryzen offering, the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, costs only $499. Despite the relatively low price, the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X is still apparently able to keep up, if not beat, Intel's high-end Core i7-6900K chip in various benchmarks and performance tests. The biggest difference, of course, is that the Intel Core i7-6900K costs more than twice as much as the AMD Ryzen 1800X at $1,299 a pop.

As for the discounts that are being offered, several retailers such as Microcenter, Amazon and New Egg have now rolled out discounted prices on their Intel processor stocks across the board. The price cuts range from just $15 to $300 on specific Intel Core i7 and i5 models.

A report from Hot Hardware speculates that the price drop may be indicative of permanent price cuts from Intel themselves. The company really has no other recourse in light of AMD's upcoming new Ryzen chips. If they will not lower down their prices, then they stand the chance of massive financial losses due to their unsold products. However, some Intel fans are predicting that Intel may retaliate and face off with AMD's new Ryzen chips with its latest eighth-generation "Coffee Lake" processor set to be released later in the year.