"Pokemon Go Gen 2" has recently been updated by Niantic and gamers are expecting an addition of up to 100 new Pokemon monsters in the next few months. Those who patiently awaited the new monsters have so far only seen Baby Pokemon in the roster, so the waiting game is still on.

Serious gamers of the "Pokemon Go Gen 2" would want to get a team of the fiercest Pokemon monsters in town. After all, these monsters will come in handy when it comes to taking over Pokemon Gyms.

The "Pokemon Go Gen 2" in the Johto region will allow gamers to experience what it's like in this region south of Sinnoh, according to Eurogamer. The Johto region was first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. But what makes this region amazing, is that it is home to around 100 Pokemon monsters not seen in the previous games.

Pokemon loyalists know that the top of the list is ruled by rare Pokemon. "Pokemon Go Gen 2" will, however, introduce gamers to a new concept of ranking these monsters according to their health, hit points, defense, and highest attack.

The "Pokemon Go Gen 2" has presented an expanded Pokedex that presents the best Pokemon defenders and attackers, all straight from the Johto region. The ultimate favorite Pokemon Dragonite and Alakazam are still at the top of the charts but wait for Espeon as it is one of the strongest Pokemon attackers, along with Scyther and Scizor.

Playing "Pokemon Go Gen 2" will allow gamers to get access to a great attacker like Tyranitar, according to Mobile & Apps. With a 253 attack power and a 3670 high max CP, this Pokemon can easily thrash out Dragonite from the Pokemon Gen 1.

The new update of the "Pokemon Go Gen 2" has introduced great attackers as well including Steelix, the evolved form of Onix. With a defense power of 333, this Pokemon is definitely a great ally when a gamer wants to defend a gym.