"The Bold and the Beautiful" in the week of Feb. 28 to March 3 will reveal big events such as a wedding and a spying plan. Fashion war and illicit love affairs also continue so this week will be intense than ever.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers show that Quinn and Ridge struggle to control their feelings. Soap Hub notes that things are heating up for the pair although they want to stop already.

Quinn and Ridge have been playing with fire for quite some time now. Rather than putting a stop to their affair, their desire to be in each other's arms just gets stronger as days go by in the "The Bold and the Beautiful."

"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers even showed them kissing intensely. Ivy even saw them since they kissed outside of the house. Having seen by someone would have discouraged them to continue their tryst but instead, they want more so it seems that Ridge and Quinn just could not bring themselves to walk away from each other. Now that their feelings proved to be overwhelming, to the point of being unbearable, Eric somehow catches on as he started to sense something is going on between his wife and son.

The temptation in "The Bold and the Beautiful" is just too much for Quinn to handle so she is struggling to contain the guilt she feels. She is mad at herself for allowing Ridge to kiss her and she kissed him behind her husband's back. Her husband Eric has been a good husband to her so she is trying her best not to hurt him.

For Ridge's part, even if he does not feel as guilty for cheating Brooke, he wishes that he will not be caught with his infidelity. Also, it was only recently that his relationship with his father got better but it appears that their connection will be broken once again, so soon.

For a less tense part of this week's "The Bold and the Beautiful," Steffy and Liam's wedding will be highlighted. The couple, together with their family and friends, are flying out to Australia to hold the nuptials there.

The wedding is expected to be a happy occasion but since it is "The Bold and the Beautiful," a bit of trouble may arise to give the story some twist. Meanwhile, Steffy is getting married to Liam not long after her marriage to Wyatt was dissolved so people are hoping that she did not make a rushed decision.