Larry Nassar, Ex-Gymnastics Doctor Charged with Sexual Abuse; Horrific Acts on Minors Revealed

Larry Nassar, the former gymnastics doctor, has been accused of molestation by around 30 female young athletes. The doctor was once considered as the best but now, people are coming out to testify how they were sexually abused during the time that they were actively training.

With the mounting number of victims, Larry Nassar was arraigned on Feb. 24 with 25 counts of sexual misconduct. Apparently, the doctor used his position as the official physician of the gymnasts with whom he molested under the guise of medical treatment.

So far, five of the victims were discovered to be under 13 years old while the rest were between 13 and 16 when the abuse happened. At that time, Larry Nassar was still a faculty member and a doctor at the Michigan State University. He worked there from 1997 to 2016 as he was fired after the allegations came to light.

Although the doctor pleaded not guilty, his victims who were gymnasts pointed at him as the man who mistreated them for years. Nine of the victims who are adults now recalled that they were sexually assaulted during medical appointments. They said that the doctor performed digital vaginal or anal penetration to them, without consent.

According to NBC News, attorney general Bill Schuette stated that even if there are already more than 80 girls and women who have stepped out, many more are expected to come forward to file their complaints against Larry Nassar.

"This guy is disgusting. This guy is despicable," Schuette described the accused man as the charges against him were stated. The attorney general added, "He is a monster."

BVT News further reported that Larry Nassar is facing a total of 25 sexual assault charges and this is on top of three child pornography complaints in federal court. Just for the first three sex charges, the judge ruled that evidences are enough for the doctor's trial to proceed. If convicted, he may spend the next 40 years of his life in jail.

Dr. Larry Nassar was a known physician whose medical specialty was treating hip and back issues of female gymnasts. For almost two decades, he "treated" young athletes who trained at Michigan State University and the USA Gymnastics organization.

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