'General Hospital' Spoilers March 1-3: Laura and Nina Continue Custody Battle; Will Carly & Sonny Find the Truth about Nelle?

"General Hospital" spoilers for March 1-3 is absolutely filled with tension. One of the reasons for this is that the hospital's future is at stake plus, there are legal battles and revelations from the major characters.

Before this week ends, "General Hospital" will be in a mess as Nina and Laura engage in a custody battle of Charlotte Cassadine. In the process of the fight, Valentin and Lulu are going to be very surprised by the revelations of the two women who did unpleasant things behind their backs.

However, this legal battle in "General Hospital" will be a chaotic one as both parties have a dark past. Considering that Nina and Laura are fighting for the right to have Charlotte, their background is vital in the case.

The two women have been confined to mental institutions at some points in "General Hospital." Their history of mental illness is well-known so the prosecutor in the custody case will have lots to consider before finally passing judgment. Olivia Jerome is alive and this discovery shocked many people especially Jason Morgan and Alexis. The latter is more surprised than any other else since her sister just returned from the dead.

Now, Jason is not yet finish because he wanted to dig deeper on the circumstances the surround Olivia's disappearance. It would be interesting to see where Jason's investigation will lead him and this will be shown in the upcoming episodes of "General Hospital." As for Alexis, she does not know what to do with the knowledge that her sister lived.

Soap Hub noted that "all hell break loose" as Carly learned about the truth about the incident involving Sonny and Nelle. She heard the tape that recorded a conversation between her on and off husband and Nelle and from there she found out that the two slept together. Carly can hear Sonny telling Nelle to be quiet about what they did. They spent a night together and the former wants Nelle to keep everything a secret, but too bad, it was out of the bag already.

Carly confronted Sonny but he cannot really say anything since it was impossible to recall what happened that fateful night. He cannot remember a thing because as hinted in the "General Hospital" spoilers, it was all part of Nelle's plan. She drugged Sonny to set him up.

The question now is, will Sonny ever find out about this truth? Perhaps, he will since he also wants to know what really happened.

Lastly, the voting is about to take place and the outcome is very important since it will also decide the ownership of the "General Hospital." Monica Quartermaine asked Tracy for help because she wants to make sure that their side will get the votes needed to acquire the sale.

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