It's still a few months before "Pokemon Go" celebrates its anniversary but it seems like Niantic is not holding back on new updates. There have been reports circulating that Niantic might be looking for a way to integrate "Pokemon Stars" into the upcoming Nintendo Switch. Basically, "Pokemon Stars" have not yet been officially released or announced by Nintendo or Niantic.

The lack of details and confirmation about "Pokemon Stars" have not doused the excitement of the players who are hoping to find Pikachu and the gang in the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch. According to Tech Mic, Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO Of The Pokemon Company, has expressed their openness to creating a "Pokemon Go" game for Nintendo Switch. With the combination of a highly successful mobile game and a highly-anticipated gadget, the release of "Pokemon Stars" might just be the newest cash cow for both Niantic and Nintendo.

While players are excitedly awaiting for official "Pokemon Stars" release date, "Pokemon Go" updates as well as "Pokemon Sun And Moon" will have to suffice in the meantime. A bunch of excited and highly creative players toyed around with the concept of "Pokemon Stars" being played in Nintendo Switch and the result was impressive and eye-catching.

For those who are on the lookout for "Pokemon Stars" release date to get first dibs on the game, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have yet to give out a specific date. As of now, players will just have to make do with fan made and concept videos that are not impressively doable and realistic. "Pokemon Stars" release date might be revealed in this year's E3 so players will have to be on their toes during the said events to get first dibs if ever there will be a pre-order.

According to Toyokeizai, Nintendo is very open to creating or integrating "Pokemon Go" to Nintendo Switch, However, players must be open to certain game mechanics considering that Nintendo Switch is a home console and not a smartphone or tablet that can be dragged along anywhere for the sake of catching pocket monsters.