Terra Jole Of ‘Little Women LA’ And 'Dancing With The Stars' Fears Breast Cancer

Terra Jolé of "Little Women LA" is terrified to hear the truth about her health as she waits for her doctor's diagnosis. Terra Jolé revealed the possibility of having cancer is not far out, but she has to wait for the verdict.

Terra Jolé was already undergoing treatment for her health issues since last season's "Dancing With The Stars." Her doctors are concerned that breast cancer could be a possibility since it is a question of genetics.

In a video clip for "Little Women's" upcoming season, as reported by Daily Mail, Terra Jolé admitted her health concerns were so serious she could be leaving "Dancing With The Stars" soon. Terra Jolé said it could be cancer, although they are still waiting for the final result from her doctor.

"It was one of those moments where I felt like if I gave up... I was like giving up on myself," Terra Jolé said. "No matter how hurt you are you just keep going, I had multiple hernias, my diastasis was separated so all the hernias were coming out of the center of the stomach."

Terra Jolé said cancer runs in her family and her health problems would have happened anyway whether or not she appeared at the "Dancing With The Stars." Dancing was, according to Terra Jolé, very difficult and she was even told by dancing professional Sasha Farber to cancel if she did not feel good enough. They expect the result to come out within this week.

She had diastasis recti, a condition where there is a separation of the abdominal muscles, but Terra Jolé said her hernias are now fine after surgery. A mild case of diastasis recti is common among pregnant women, but Terra Jolé's case was severe.

Terra Jolé confessed that while she was dancing her way into the hearts of American fans, she was also feeling physical pains during the competition, according to People. Terra Jolé and husband Joe Gnoffo have two very young kids, and she is praying the test results will be negative.

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