Dan Bilzerian Called 'Cruel' For Posting Instagram Pic Of Sexy Woman On 100-year-old Endangered Tortoise

It was a turtle that triggered off outrage against Dan Bilzerian. He posted the picture of a bikini-clad-woman on a 100-year-old endangered tortoise on Instagram. He used his latest social media platform to show off his getaway.

But immediately, Dan Bilzerian became endangered in Instagram! He had gone to the British Virgin Islands with friends, and halted at Richard Branson's private hideout, Necker Island, according to The Sun. Dan Bilzerian puts up an image of himself feeding a large, endangered, 100-year-old Galapagos tortoise, even as a "busty" woman friend is sitting on top of it and smiling at the camera. This species has been listed in the "protected and vulnerable" category by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

In most of his Instagram pictures, the super-rich professional poker player, Dan Bilzerian, is seen in beautiful beaches with gorgeous bikini-clad women and automatic weapons. That is only seen by most viewers. However, this one image got him blasted, with 3,200 comments. Many called him "cruel" according to WB News. 

One commenter wrote on Dan Bilzerian's image that it is "Disgusting" and he should be ashamed of himself. Another friend wrote that it was disrespectful to straddle such a "magnificent" creature just to show a photo to others. Yet another friend said: "You have money but no class. You represent everything that is wrong with the world."

However, Dan Bilzerian refused to show any remorse or regret. He wrote: "Get off your soapbox, the people working there said it's fine to sit on them."

However, in case Dan Bilzerian does not know, the Galapagos National Park in Ecuador has told visitors not to touch or disturb reptiles. People are supposed to keep away, at a distance of at least 6 feet, and avoid touching them. People should also be "sensitive" about clicking pictures.


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