Russell Wilson, the famous American football quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks was found accompanying his spouse Ciara while playing tennis double on an outdoor court. Texas-born Ciara is a renowned American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress.

Ciara gave her debut release in 2004 under studio Goodies, which spawned three hit singles. Russell Wilson and Ciara secretly tied the knot in England in July 2016. The secret got a disclosure when posted their marriage photographs on social media platform captioning an image as   'We are The Wilsons!'

Ciara is seven months pregnant and her husband Mr. Russell Wilson is fully lined up and is trying to provide required care for his wife. Though playing Tennis is not Russell's cup of coffee yet he is seen accompanying his wife for this can be considered as a part of exercising required during pregnancy. Last Thursday only Ciara posted their video playing Tennis Doubles on the outdoor.

As mentioned in ET, Seahawk's fearless leader was swaying his tennis racket back and forth standing behind his pregnant lady love. Russell Wilson is seen with his shirt off under the soaking sun. While Ciara in her black sporty attire sailed back every ball that came her way on the court. It is witnessed that Russell had been supporting unlike bystander do.

The video broadcasted on twitter was captioned as "Perfect Combo". The video caught the attention of millions of fan but it also came under the notice of popular Tennis Titan Serena Williams.  Serena Williams couldn't resist herself from helping them out. She expressed her love and acknowledged both Russell Wilson and Ciara to provide lessons on her next visit.

In the coming days, we may come across a video where Russell Wilson and Ciara is seen playing with little more hustle. This may occur once they get trained and motivated under the guidance of our all time Tennis Player Serena.